More than money: Team Dental ready for Smile NZ free Dental Day 2019

More than money: Team Dental ready for Smile NZ free Dental Day 2019

Free Dental Care for Community Service Card Holders in Papamoa.

It is not a secret that dental treatment can be expensive. However for our dentists, the work is about more than money. That’s why we are teaming up with Smile New Zealand on their free dental day!

The Smile NZ free dental days are now in their fifth year, and we will be right there with them this September.

Team Dental and Smile NZ Free Day 2019: The Basics


Who are Smile New Zealand?

Do you suffer from dental problems but can’t seek care due to cost? Smile NZ is a charitable trust run by the New Zealand Dental Association and Southern Cross. They exist to help provide affordable dental care to people in New Zealand. A survey in 2009 found that 1 in 3 New Zealand adults live with untreated tooth decay.

Affordability is one of the number one reasons holding New Zealanders back from getting regular dental care. In 2016, Southern Cross found that 53% of New Zealanders put off trips to the dentist due to finances. This organisation works to help people who know they need the work done, but maybe don’t have the finances readily available due to current circumstances.

What happens on the Smile free dental day?

Once a year, dental practices from all around New Zealand volunteer their services and equipment to provide free dental treatment. Participating practices work with eligible adults to provide basic dental services ranging from fillings, extractions, pain relief and even fluoride applications. 38% of Kiwis are unhappy with their teeth, and for many people this is due to constant pain.

Team Dental, alongside many other dental practices across the country, are offering their services for the people that need it the most. 

Why Team Dental are taking part in the free dental day

Smile NZ was established to help people access dental treatment. This is what Team Dental is all about!  

Earlier this year, Team Dental Bealey also worked alongside Christchurch Budget Services to provide free essential dental care. And now we are doing it all again at our Papamoa Dental branch.

Looking after everyday New Zealanders is the cornerstone of Team Dental’s work ethic. This is why it was an easy decision to be a part of Smile NZ’s annual event.

Team Dental’s Jesse O’Neill is one of our dentists giving back in the free event this year. For him, dentistry is about more than money. Jesse has always approached his work from a place of service. This made his decision to work alongside Smile Dental a no-brainer. He knows that some people associate dentists with money making, but he prefers to deal in the currency of helping people. Providing pain relief and giving back to the community on days like this align strongly with his care-centred approach to dental work!


Smile NZ free dental eligibility

So who is eligible for this free dental care?  

It is available to adults who have a community services card and need urgent dental services. Our aim is to reduce pain, increase confidence, and serve the people in our communities.

Corson Dental and Team Dental Papamoa are providing Dental care this year. Although we would love to do free dental days at every practice, this year the team from our Papamoa branch are the ones stepping up to the plate. With the help of dentists from Team Dental Tauranga, we will be offering as many 30 minute appointments as possible on September 14th. 

These Free Appointments are limited – so book your place now. You’ll need to Call 0800 free smile/0800 373 376 to book. Do it today. 

What if I am not eligible?

Team Dental wants to make sure everybody gets the dental care they need. Visiting us regularly means that you spend less money on dentist appointments long term. Not everybody will be eligible for these appointments, but we are still here to help! As well as offering affordable dental payment plans with GenoaPay, Team Dental also provides WINZ treatments.

If you are unsure about which treatment plans you should apply for, feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly staff members. Find your local Team Dental branch.



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