Amalgam Removal

Amalgam fillings are not used often and most of our Team Dental dentists used white fillings. There has been research that suggests amalgam fillings are not 100% safe, and for this reason some people opt to have them removed. 

Dr Mike Simon started replacing patients' amalgam fillings with tooth coloured alternatives in the early 1990s. He provides safe amalgam removal for those patients who request it.  Dr Simon is a Dentist at our Papamoa branch.  At an initial consultation appointment a full dental examination is carried out any any necessary tests are performed. A treatment plan is formulated which includes the order of filling removal and the most compatible materials to be used for replacements. Please advise our receptionist when booking in that this is what you want. We allow an hour for this.   During amalgam filling removal, for your comfort, a rubber dam sheet is placed to isolate your tooth from the rest of the mouth. To further ensure your comfort and well being we offer medical oxygen to be breather through a nose mask during filling removal.  Please note that we cannot offer any health benefit to you by replacing your amalgam fillings.

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