Most of us need a tooth filling some time and many of us need more than one! 

In most cases you will need a filling because a tooth has developed some level of decay or failure of an existing filling.

Regular brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash will minimise the chance of tooth decay.

The best time to have a filling is as soon as the decay starts. Tooth decay won’t just go away, in fact it will get worse and if it hasn’t already done so, will lead to that pain we all hate, toothache. Fillings restore teeth harmed by decay back to their original form and fillings are very successful if decay is treated early.

Regular check-up visits to a dentist will help spot decay earlier and having a small filling is both less painful and more affordable.

At Team Dental, we will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure and that it is as quick and painless as possible.

We can normally see you for an appointment on the day you phone. Our emergency practices in Tauranga and Christchurch are open 7 days a week (364 days a year) but no matter where you are calling from we will book you in as soon as we can. 

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