Affordable Dental Care with Genoapay

Affordable Dental Care with Genoapay


There are many reasons why we don’t get the dental work we need at the time it’s needed. Often dental costs seem to appear out of nowhere like that painful tooth. But paying to get it fixed immediately can be an issue. So for Team Dental. Working with Genopay is a no-brainer.  It’s great news for Team Dental clients!


With Genoapay, you can get immediate dental care and you can split up your dental bill over 10 weekly instalments with no interest and no fees. For example, if your visit costs $300, simply pay $30 per week, over 10 weeks. So much easier.

At Team Dental, we are only interested in payment options for our clients that are easy and secure. Genoapay is NZ owned and operated, with the highest level of payment processing security. Pre-approval is free and only takes two minutes from your device.

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Team Dental Genoapay Payment

Partnering with Genoapay means more of our clients can get the care they need when they need it. With up to $1000 available credit, clients with pre-approved Genoapay accounts can come to any Team Dental clinic and get the treatment they need and pay just 10% on the day.


Who can use Genoapay?

Anyone over 18 years, with a reliable credit score. You'll also need an NZ driver licence or NZ passport, a debit/credit card and a smartphone with data/wifi to put through a payment.

What does it cost?

Unless you miss any payments, using Genoapay costs nothing. It's free to create an account and the only time you pay any extra is when an automatic payment gets declined; this incurs a $10 default fee each time.

What if my dental work costs more than my Genoapay balance?

You can still put a payment plan through for your maximum approved amount and pay the difference at the counter. For example, if your treatment was $800, but you were only approved for $750, you'd pay the $50 difference plus your first instalment of $75 on the day. That's $125 on the day instead of $800.

At Team dental, we're committed to providing affordable, no-bells-and-whistles dentistry. Offering Genoapay will help our clients afford their annual check-ups and prevent the need for more serious work, no matter what their budget. If you'd like to come in for an appointment and pay with Genoapay, be sure to get pre-approved first.


For any further Genoapay questions, check out their FAQs


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