Pay Less when you see the Dentist

Pay Less when you see the Dentist

Save Money. Visit Your Dentist Regularly.

There are some things in life that are non-negotiable, right? Things like internet fees, car repayments, insurance, kids school fees, rent or the mortgage on the house etc. Life doesn’t work so well when these payments are missed. But, one thing most people, especially those under 40, tend to forget is scheduling and keeping regular dental appointments. Usually, the dentist is relegated to emergency trips only. Costly and often painful emergency trips.

Even dentists would agree they are not high on the list of fun places to go, but most importantly, that cost is a high factor in why people don’t visit dentists. A visit to the Doctor is subsidised by the government and we can all go to a hospital and get the treatment we need but dental appointments are not government subsidised, which means the cost comes out of your own pocket. One way to avoid large dental costs is to get regular checkups.


Yearly Car Inspection, but not Dental checkups.

The Government forces us to have our car inspected at least yearly and whilst we might occasionally see that as a bit of a pain we accept that a vehicle should be safe on the road. Those checkups will also alert us to any issues that need to be addressed with the safety of our vehicle. Catching issues early will usually save us a bundle of money, and pain, later on. Why do we value our car more than we value ourselves? The Government is not going to force us to have regular dental checkups but perhaps we should make sure we do it anyway, because we value our own lives. And while there is a great deal of discussion on the issue, research from the Mayo Clinic amongst other organisations suggests there is a real chance that bad dental health may also effect your overall health.


The longer you wait, the more it costs

Invariably the longer you wait to go to the dentist the higher the cost of treatment will be. If you are young and have no apparent dental issues chances are you don’t think visiting a dentist for a yearly check-up provides value for money. However repairing a small chip in a tooth or addressing apparently minor issues before they become large issues can save both your health, and your pocket.  Visiting the dentist and the dental hygienist on a regular basis will help curb future costs and will ensure good dental health.  


 The Cost of a Visit

If cost is an issue for you Team Dental has partnered with Genoapay. With Genoapay, you can get immediate dental care and you can split up your dental bill over 10 weekly instalments with no interest and no fees. For example, if your visit costs $90, you can pay that off with very small payments quite quickly. A once a year dental checkup with Team Dental is pretty inexpensive anyway, it will cost you $90 and that includes x-rays.

So don’t wait, make an appointment today at your local Team Dental or Call Team Dental today and ensure your mouth, and your pocket, will be pain free. 

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