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How to ease Dental Anxiety?

Easing Dental Anxiety

Being a dentist is not the easiest profession in the world. We know we’re not the world’s favourite medical profession. Visiting the dentist can be tinged with anxiety. You might be:

  • Not anxious at all. You have a high pain threshold.
  • Mildly anxious. But you have it mostly under control.
  • Very anxious. Even sitting in the reception area makes you nervous.
  • Completely overwhelmed. Your fear is actually a phobia, preventing you from seeing the dentist at all.

Having an unmanageable level of anxiety makes every visit a nightmare. No matter what happens in the surgery you will interpret it as a bad experience, compounding your fear even more.

Knowing why you’re afraid

Knowing why can help you work through it and lessen the fear considerably. You could be nervous because you have a:

  • High pain expectation
    A basic check-up may be uncomfortable, but it won’t be painful. More frequent check-ups, lessen the chance of unforeseen, emergency dental treatment, increasing your comfort level.
  • Fear of the unknown and loss of personal control
    Not knowing what to expect, and feeling as if you are helpless, can send your imagination spiralling. We’ll happily explain each step before the procedure starts, and during it, as this can relieve your anxiety.
  • Embarrassment about the state of your teeth
    We’re not here to judge you. We’re here to help you achieve the best dental health we can. Yes, we might point out where your personal dental care could be improved. If we don’t how will you know on which areas you need to focus?
  • Obstructed breathing or a drowning sensation
    The number of instruments in your mouth, as well as the sterile saline or sterile water dentists use as a coolant or irrigant during the procedure, not to mention the dental vacuum can make you feel as if you can’t breathe or are drowning.
  • Bad past experience
    If a previous dentist didn’t take enough time to ease your concerns or didn’t take enough care during the procedure, tell us. The more we know about the underlying cause of your fear, the more can do to help.

What are the ways to lessen dental anxiety?

4 Ways to lessen your anxiety

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
    Before you arrive at the dentist, use some relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and stretches. Bring some headphones and listen to calming music. Talk to us about our anxiety-reducing sedation techniques we can offer.
  • Arrive early
    Rushing to get to your appointment will only add to your stress level.
  • Bring a friend
    Human or dog. If you have severe anxiety and have a fully trained and registered support animal let us know. New Zealand dentists are starting to have their own canine support staff to help severely anxious people, and especially children. (
  • Find the right dentist
    You’re not obliged to stay with any dentist, especially you don’t feel comfortable with them. Get referrals from your friends, look for reviews on Google. Do they offer the latest technology and procedures? Is the surgery welcoming and calm? Assess the friendliness of the staff, do they, and the dentist, take the time to answer your questions simply, and clearly.

If you’re looking for a new dentist, contact us on 0508 TEAM DENTAL and make an appointment today to learn more about how we can become your trusted go-to smile professional.

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