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Taking care of your teeth this Christmas

How To Care For Your Teeth (Will Santa Think You’ve Been Naughty Or Nice This Year?)

Santa, apparently, keeps a record during the year, rewarding people according to their behaviour – coal for bad behaviour, a wish list option for good behaviour. There’d be a lot of coal delivered if the record was for dental hygiene!

Christmas mince pies, exotic nuts, snacks, turkey, ham, Christmas pudding – perhaps with a coin inside, pavlova, brandy butter…the delicious list goes on. We’re not about to tell you not to indulge. We might, however, suggest making healthier choices.

Here are some tips to help you keep your teeth healthy, and beautiful, and will make Santa very happy.

Behaviour of which Santa wouldn’t approve

Not using a pair of scissors or a craft knife
Choosing, making, buying presents for those you love and then wrapping them involves tearing off pieces of tape, opening packets… and teeth are often used for these. While they may be very strong, even cutting a piece of thread can damage them.

Not choosing the healthy options when it comes to Christmas food
Some of the best Christmas holiday treats are either as hard as rock or as gooey as tar. Either way, they’re not great for your teeth. One will crack the enamel, if not crack the tooth itself, and the other can lodge between your teeth encouraging the dreaded bacteria.

Being so relaxed you’re too lazy to reach for a bottle opener
Relaxing over the festive season can go too far. Never be too relaxed to reach for a bottle opener. Don’t use your teeth. Please.

Taking care of your teeth this Christmas

Behaviour that would make Santa turn cartwheels

Brushing along to James Pierpont
One of the most famous Christmas carols is Jingle Bells. Even if you don’t remember all the words, you’ll remember the tune. It’s a happy tune, so humming it will enliven your brushing routine. The happiest teeth are brushed after every meal and for 2 mins each time.

Flossing for fabulousness
Floss is so easy to carry around. No matter where you are, and matter what you’ve just eaten, you can always floss, tiding you over until you can brush at home.

Packing a present for your teeth
Unplanned overnight adventures are the hallmark of a festive season. Things can be forgotten in the rush of packing. Being prepared means you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything in your dental regime.

Feasting on the good stuff
Yes, we know, Christmas food is fabulous. You don’t have to go without because there’s so many healthy options to snack on that taste just as good. If not better.

  • Turkey, rather than ham
  • Fruit like blueberries and strawberries instead of sweets
  • Veggie crudités instead of crisps

Giving yourself a wonderful present – if you’ve been good of course
We’re just kidding about the ‘being good’ because this is the ‘goodest’ thing you could do for yourself, and your family. The best present you can give is a visit to your dentist to ensure you have healthy teeth. With a beautiful smile, you’ll look fabulous in the holiday photos as well.


Contact us on 0508 TEAM DENTAL (0508 832 633) if you need any dental help over christmas. We have emergency dental help available in Whangarei, Tauranga and Christchurch

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