What sort of anaesthetic / sedation do you offer?
Local anaesthetic provides a total pain block in most cases. For anxious patients or difficult surgery we provide intravenous sedation. A consultation appointment is essential if you are thinking about intravenous sedation. Note: This is not a general anaesthetic.
Does dental work hurt?
Modern dental treatment should be almost pain-free.The initial injection can be a bit painful but we can, in most cases, apply a topical anaesthetic to the area before we inject. If the procedure starts to hurt, your dentist will stop immediately.
What should I do if I knock my tooth?
Ring the surgery as soon as you can and let us know what happened. We will see you asap to assess and document the trauma to the mouth and assess ACC options. Even if there does not appear to be any damage, problems can arise later. In children, registration of accident injury is very important as it may involve damage to a permanent tooth that has not come through yet. A traumatic injury to the teeth can have an unpredictable outcome, so it is always a good idea to have the accident checked and documented.
Do wisdom teeth have to come out?
Not always, but a wisdom tooth is your third molar tooth and often there is not enough room in your mouth for them so they become impacted (jammed against another tooth or bone, and can become infected), so often have to be removed for comfort. There are a number of reasons why wisdom teeth may cause problems and if they are causing pain and infection, we recommend their extraction.
What is your payment policy?
We require payment on the day of treatment. EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available.
Do you see children?
Yes we do. Under the Government Special Dental Benefits scheme, we provide emergency temporary treatment of children and adolescents up to them turning 18. If the appointment is the result of an accident or trauma, we provide temporary and ongoing treatment to all age groups through ACC.
When should a tooth be crowned?
A tooth should be crowned when it is compromised and or damaged to the extent it is in danger of breaking. A crown strengthens and protects the tooth that remains. Some people have crowns placed over their teeth for cosmetic reasons.
Can I apply for financial assistance for my dental treatment?
We can issue WINZ quotes and in the case of accident or trauma partial ACC assistance is sometimes available.
How can I replace a missing tooth?
There are three options; partial denture, bridge or an implant and an implant will require a referral to an oral surgeon.
Why don’t I just get them all pulled out and get dentures, surely it is cheaper?
Dentures provide a cost effective, practical and cosmetic solution for those with problem teeth. If you do need to have full upper and/or lower dentures the initial cost of the dentures will vary, and the dentures will need to be adjusted as the gums shrink over time. Most dentist are very hesitant to pull out good or patent teeth and partial dentures are available that allow you to keep your good teeth for as long as possible.
My tooth is infected what are my options?
In all cases an infection in the mouth must be addressed as untreated dental infections can be very serious. In some cases a tooth infection can be remedied with a course of antibiotics. Drugs will deal with the infection, but the underlying problem remains, so, don’t forget to return to your dental professional for a permanent solution to the problem.
Do you have set prices, or is it price per appointment?
It is difficult to provide a quote over the phone, but we can provide a price range for the various treatments. Your dentist will tell you how much the treatment is likely to cost before they start.
We advise you to visit the practice for an appointment so we can discuss different options with you.
Do you do orthodontics?
No, but we can assess your condition and then refer you to a local orthodontist.
Do you do whitening?
Yes, we have the facilities to make you a whitening tray and provide the necessary whitening solution, this process takes up to a week, or, we have ready-to-go whitening treatments available
Can I see a Dentist during COVID Lockdown in New Zealand?
Yes! As directed by DCNZ, we are able to provide some emergency dental treatments during COVID Alert level 4/3. Our clinics will have staff to answer your questions- it is important you give us a call to discuss further. Level 2 means return to “normal” function at dental surgeries- with additional measures in place to keep you safe of course!
Do you offer payment plans?
We do! You are able to pay for the cost of your dental treatment over 10 weeks using genoapay. Full details can be found here: https://www.genoapay.com/. Just make sure you register and are approved before coming into one of our surgeries. The best part- there are no fees to the customer for using this service!