Laser Dentistry and Surgery

Gone are the days of sharp cutting instruments.  We now live in a world where dentistry is a comfortable experience thanks in part to laser dentistry.

With laser dentistry, anaesthetic is not always necessary. There is also no drilling noise or vibration. 

Laser dentistry is so effective, it can, on occasion, take the place of root canal treatment.

On top of this, the benefits include: 

  • Low pain treatment: The LASER operates using very short pulses of energy. The pulses are so quick that the reaction threshold of nerves is not reached.
  • Germ-destroying effect: The bacteria in your mouth is vapourised instantly which results in maximum germ reduction.
  • Reduced procedure time and efficient operation with less trauma.
  • Minimally invasive and precise: Areas outside the laser beam are unaffected.

When it comes to laser surgery, you can be assured there will be less bleeding and swelling and a reduced need for stitches. 

Laser surgery promotes fast healing and many people report that after laser surgery they have little or no post surgical discomfort.

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