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Root Canal Treatment Myths

6 Myths About Root Canal Treatment

As we all celebrate the Matariki public holiday; a celebration of identity, history, and culture, of our past and our future. It’s a time of feasting, rest, and activity, connecting us to whanau and the environment and the stars in the sky above.
Wouldn’t it be a shame if you couldn’t participate because of a painfully infected tooth?

6 Myths About Root Canal Treatment

#1: It hurts – the most pervasive myth
Not as such. Not only are dentists experts in swift and effective pain management, but modern procedures make root canal treatment generally no more painful that a dental filling. A local anesthetic is required the same as with most fillings.

#2: I have an infection so I can’t have root canal treatment
No. If you don’t have a root canal treatment on an infected tooth, the infection will become worse. If you are experiencing pain from the infection, please don’t waste any more time and book an appointment today.

#3: Root canal treatment will make you ill
No. The internet is a good thing. It’s also a very bad thing as once something is on the internet it stays there! This myth that root canal treatment will make you ill was debunked 100 YEARS AGO, and NO scientific evidence exists to support the myth.

#4: The best option is to remove the tooth altogether
No. The best option is to save the tooth. If you pull one tooth, the others may shift, affecting your bite. If you do pull the tooth, you should then have an implant inserted to prevent this shifting. But this can be expensive and entail even more appointments.

Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment










#5: A root canal treatment removes your tooth’s roots
No. Without roots, your tooth would have nothing to anchor itself in your jawbone at all. What is removed is the pulp and the nerve inside the tooth.

#6: I don’t have a toothache, so I don’t need a root canal treatment
Irrelevant. Just because your tooth doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mean you don’t need treatment. Infections are not always painful. But chronic infections are dangerous as they spread. They need to be removed as quickly as possible. The best option is with root canal treatment.

4 Reasons why a root canal treatment is the best option

It’s important to save your tooth if possible because:

  • There is no more infection in your mouth.
  • You will regain the ability to chew your food efficiently.
  • Even without the nerve and the pulp, the porcelain crown applied to your tooth after the treatment means you’ll still have a normal bite force and sensation in that tooth.
  • Your smile will once more be beautiful as the porcelain Crown gives the tooth a natural appearance.

If you think you may need a root canal treatment, and are nervous about it, contact us at 0508 TEAM DENTAL and set up an appointment today. We’ll assess your teeth and talk through any concerns your may have to ensure your teeth have the best care available!

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