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The beginning, or the end of the day is limited and is usually fraught with deadlines, tiredness and frustration.

Just getting your child out of bed can be a mammoth task! Then there’s also making breakfast and ensuring everyone eats it, packing school lunches, separating squabbling siblings, being kind and loving to your spouse, making sure everyone has everything they need for the day – gym kit, schoolbooks, checking that homework is done, arrangements for the day such as who’s picking up whom at what time and where, etc. can be exhausting! We totally understand. So here are some tips to ease the pressure a little.

Tip 1 – They’re Just Kids

Remember, brushing one’s teeth is a fine motor skill and each child develops differently. This particular skill can sometimes be a challenge even up to eight years of age. Writing is a similar hand-eye coordination skill and children don’t master that until that age either.

Tip 2 – Have Their Eyes Checked

If you child has a vision issue, it can impact the length of time it takes him to master brushing his teeth.

Tip 3 – The Night Before

Once the kids are in bed, spend some time with your spouse making the next day’s packed lunches. It could be a great time to chat over each other’s days etc. Turn it into quality couple time.

Tip 4 – Share the load

If you are not a single parent household, then sharing the load of homework supervision, cooking, bathing, teeth, packing schoolbags etc. will save your sanity.

Tip 5 – Spare Toothbrushes and Toothpaste in the Kitchen

Keep a set of toothbrushes and toothpaste in the kitchen and have everyone brush their teeth there so you can supervise while making breakfast. Make sure that the kitchen set is exactly the same in colour, size and softness as the ones in the bathroom. The last thing you want is your children using each other’s toothbrushes. Never use someone else’s toothbrush! In terms of hygiene, it’s worse than not brushing your teeth. This applies for the following tip as well.

Tip 6 – Spare Toothbrushes and Toothpaste in the Car

There will inevitably be days when the alarm clock didn’t go off on time, and now everyone is late! Brushing teeth can easily be forgotten. Having a spare set of toothbrushes and toothpaste in the car will help. The kids can brush their teeth on the way to school.

Tip 7 – A Fun Activity for the Whole Family

Children don’t understand the importance of oral hygiene, and they find the task irksome. They’ll ‘pinkie-swear’ they’ve brushed ‘properly’, and for ‘two minutes’! Not even adults can accurately assess when two minutes has passed. If you can create an environment where brushing is a fun activity, the easier it will be. Kids do what they see their parents doing, so brush your own teeth at the same time.

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