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How to take care of your teeth


Love your new dress! Where did you buy it?
Love your hair! Did you cut it?
We hear refrains like this a lot. You know what we don’t hear? Love your teeth!

Most people barely think of their own teeth, much less love them. They only visit their dentist because there is a problem with their teeth. And that started from the lack of love they showed their teeth in the first place.


It’s February, the month of love.
But, what’s there to love about unbrushed teeth, stinky breath, and gum disease. Not a lot. Here’s how to ensure you’re showing your teeth the right kind of love.

1. Unfriend sugar!
Sugar is delicious. It’s also more addictive than cocaine. It makes you fat, sits in your skin resulting in wrinkles, can give you diabetes, increases the triglyceride (fat) in your blood which then clogs your arteries which results in heart failure. It binds with the bacteria which is always present in your mouth and creates acid. This acid is sticky, just like sugar, and adheres to your teeth, eroding their enamel.

Best advice? Unfriend sugar. If you have a sweet craving rather eat, not drink, some fruit. Most fruit juice is sweetened. Or eat dark chocolate – both fruit and chocolate are great for your heart. Or have some unsweetened chai tea. The ginger, vanilla, and liquorice in the chai renders sugar unnecessary.

If you have braces on your teeth, sugar is even worse. Candy or sweets, especially the chewy kind can become stuck in your brackets. Not even brushing can remove all the sugar/bacteria acid that forms as a white film around the brackets.

2. Trash the tobacco
Tobacco has one goal, destruction. And… it has options. While it’s busy taking over your lungs, it’s also setting up camp in your mouth. It starts by reducing the flow of saliva, giving you dry mouth. Then, it cuts off the supply of blood to your gums. This causes gum disease and, at the same time, hides the problem. Gum disease, dry mouth, and lack of blood – there’s nothing there that can nourish healthy teeth so for them, it’s hasta la vista, baby!

3. What every tooth wishes you had in your bathroom cabinet

A fresh, new toothbrush, preferably a powered one. Dental floss or a water powered flossing system, a tongue scraper, minty fluoride toothpaste, and a glass of water. Stay away from mouthwash. The cons far outweigh the pros. More on that next time.

4. Regular check-ups

Valentine’s day – cards, flowers, chocolate (dark), dinner, romance. It’s all part of showing the love. Show your teeth some love by visiting your dentist and dental hygienist at least twice a year. They will clean your teeth, check for cavities and most importantly spot issues before they become problems.

Call your nearest Team Dental surgery and make an appointment and show your teeth some real love. They deserve it.

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