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Aren’t you glad 2021 is over? It seems as if the bad news just didn’t stop! Well, now we’re in 2022. Here’s to this new year being fabulous. But not just the year; here’s to a fabulous new you as well!  No more sitting around and moping. It’s time to step up and make a change. And what better place to start than your teeth?

As we go back into the ‘out’, as it were, with kids going back to school, and you going back to work, why not make this the year where, instead of thinking about it, you actually do start taking better care of yourself?

It’s easy to let good habits slip. Bad habits tend to creep up unawares. And lockdowns didn’t help. Before you knew it, you hadn’t gotten out of your pyjamas for a week. Not even the dog wanted to sit on the couch with you anymore. And as for brushing your teeth, well, you hadn’t brushed your hair, so why brush your teeth? No one can smell your breath on Zoom.

But enough of that! This is a new year. You deserve a new you! The great big ‘out’ is calling and it’s time for new, better dental habits!

Begin by booking an appointment with the dental hygienist for a good clean. After that, make an appointment with your dentist. Catch any issues that you weren’t able to have seen to during the lockdowns, before they catch you! Don’t wait any longer. The earlier dental problems are tackled and dealt with, the cheaper the required dental work will be.

Another reason to sort out these issues now is that it can be hard to find the time onc

e the year really gets going. It’s amazing how busy we can become. Something we may have forgotten with all the time we’ve spent in lockdown. And (heaven forbid) if we find ourselves in yet another one, at least your teeth will be in great condition.

Imagine if you have a niggling problem now and you put off seeing your dentist, only to discover you’re stuck indoors for months on end. Again. That niggle could become a major problem. And there will be nothing you can do about it. Again.

Don’t wait. Make that appointment with your dentist today!

In the meantime, hit the stores and indulge yourself with the purchase of a brand-new toothbrush, some lovely minty toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss. Start the new year by setting in place excellent personal dental hygiene habits. Brush, floss and gargle after every meal and your teeth, not to mention everyone else, possibly eve

n the dog, will thank you.

The better your dental hygiene, the less time and money you’ll spend at the dentist, and the less pain you’ll be in down the road.  Best of all, the more fabulous your teeth will be, and the more stunning your smile!

Don’t wait for the Tooth Fairy. Call your nearest Team Dental surgery and make an appointment and start the year with fabulous teeth.



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