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Dental Emergency on Christmas



Ho ho OW!

There I was right at the beginning of my night-time global present delivery when disaster struck.

I’d only just arrived in New Zealand and dropped down my first Kiwi chimney and was tucking into a small bowl of nuts when I bit into what could only be described as a nut with attitude. A bad attitude!

When you’re in someone else’s home in the middle of the night, yelling and shouting in pain is not a good idea. You don’t want to wake up the kiddies, do you? It’s all meant to be a surprise! Well, they’d get a surprise alright if they were woken up by a fat man in a red suit hopping around clutching his beard in both hands yelling about his tooth. I mean, I’m Father Christmas, not the Tooth Fairy! And imagine finding some old geezer’s tooth in your bowl of nuts the next morning. It’s enough to put you off nuts for life!

It was a trial I can tell you. It ached like blazes! I tossed presents out as quickly as possible and scattered sugared nuts everywhere hunting for the tooth.

Finally found it!

Christmas Dental Emergency

I’d read on the Team Dental website that you should put your tooth into milk. It preserves it and the dentist may be able to put it back in your jaw! I may be able to drop presents at every home in the world in one night but putting a tooth that’s been knocked out back in your jaw – that’s miraculous!


Thankfully, most homes don’t only have a plate of biscuits, or Christmas mince pies, or even a bowl of nuts for me, but there’s usually a glass of milk as well. Popping the tooth into the milk, I hauled myself back up the chimney. Not easy when you’re trying not to spill milk all over yourself!

I grinned with relief once I was back on the roof. The flying antler brigade took one look at the horror that was the gap in my usually delightful grin and nearly fell off the tiles.

What on earth were we going to do? The reindeer and I put our heads together. We needed help. Although it’s common to see chubby men with white beards posing in shops with children, or even on the telly in heart-warming ads, at this time of year, it’s not common to see them looking as if they’ve just been in a fight. It was going to be a long night until we’d make it back to the North Pole. Until then there would be no ho ho ho-ing for me!

Christmas is full of sweet, sugary, delicious, nutty treats. So, make sure you floss, and brush after every meal.

You don’t want a disaster like mine. This is definitely not the season to be hiding your smile!

If you have a dental emergency over the festive season, get in touch with your nearest Team Dental surgery and make an appointment.



We have one of our centres in each region open often through the Christmas season.


25/12     Closed

26/12 – 28/12    1-4pm

29/12 – 31/12    9-5pm

01/01 – 04/12    1-4pm

05/01 –  07/01    9-5pm

08/01 –  09/01    1-4pm

Whangarei – Kensington

24/12 – 10/01    Closed


24/12 – 13/01 Closed

Tauranga – 2nd Ave

25/12     Closed

26/12 – 28/12    10-4pm

29/12 – 31/12    9-6pm

01/01 – 04/12    10-4pm

05/01 –  07/01    9-6pm

08/01 –  09/01    10-4pm

Tauranga – 16th Ave

23/12 – 12/01    Closed


24/12 – 10/01    Closed


24/12 – 10/01    Closed


25/12 – 10/01    Closed

Christchurch – Bealey Ave

25/12 – 10/01    Closed

Christchurch – Riccarton

25/12     Closed

26/12 – 28/12    9-4pm

29/12 – 31/12    9-6pm

01/01 – Closed

02/01 – 04/12    9-4pm

05/01 – 9-5pm

06/01 – 9-8pm

07/01 – 9-5pm

08/01 –  09/01    9-4pm

Christchurch – Papanui

25/12 – 10/01    Closed

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