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My name is Kefilwe (Kefi) Tsheko. I am delighted to be joining the Team Dental Team and am looking forward to the opening of the new Branch on Bealey Ave in Central Christchurch.
I was born in Botswana, I studied dentistry in the US and have now been practising dentistry for 20 years. I moved to New Zealand in 2006 after working in Botswana for 8 years followed by a short time practicing in Australia. I enjoy and practice all areas of dentistry and I’m passionate about saving teeth. I get great pleasure from getting my patients out of pain and putting the smiles back on their faces.

My partner is originally from Christchurch and together with our daughter we have made the move back to Canterbury after working in the North Island for many years.
I have become addicted to walks on the beach and also enjoy taking walks in the beautiful New Zealand outdoors. I love travelling especially locally, as there is so much to see here in NZ.
l am active in my church community, and my family and I are enjoying being back amongst friends and family in the South Island.

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