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Bigger, Brighter Smiles at Team Dental Whangarei

Team Dental Whangarei are known for affordable prices, great services and most of all, customer satisfaction. The same goes for the fantastic team at Whangarei Dental Laser Centre. So it makes sense that Team Dental Whangarei is merging with the Dental Laser Centre. Together, we’ll be able to provide you with the best dental services in town.

When something like this happens, a good question is, “Why?”

The answer is simple. We want to provide our customers with the best possible dental services we can. Healthy teeth and healthy gums is our number one priority, so anything we can do to make you better is what we want to do. It’s a win win all round with this merger.

A New Location Means a Better Experience

We’ve moved into a multi-disciplinary medical centre in the town basin that has all the latest technology we need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums free from disease and decay. You’ll also be able to see a Doctor, a Physio, and get X-rays right here. The pharmacy is also on site, which makes getting what you need that much easier, all you need is in one place.

What else comes with the new location?

Lots of free parking so you won’t have to be worried about finding a park if you are running a little late and, there’s even a café where you can grab a latte.

Merging Together Brings Our Amazing Services Together.

When dentists are split up, it can make getting anything more complicated than a filling a real hassle. Well, not anymore.

With the merger of Dental Laser Centre, Team Dental Whangarei will now be able to provide you with a massive range of dental services, that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else, other than a major city.

We now offer Cerec Crowns and Laser Treatments which will be completed by an established dental practitioner, Neil Johnson. Getting crowns made can be a little nerve racking, but with Neil there’s nothing you need to worry about. The crown can be made in one visit.

Dental treatment for children is often traumatic but Pamela Clark has years of experience in treating youngsters, even those who are adamant in refusing to let anyone near their molars. With children, it’s important to be patient and considerate, while also doing the work that needs to be done. We understand this at Team Dental, and thanks to the merger, you’ll see our expertise in action.

Pamela is also a fantastic dental hygienist who can provide scales and cleans as well as oral hygiene instructions. There is a lot of risk just going on gut feelings when it comes to keeping your mouth clean. The safest thing to do is to seek the advice of a real professional.

At Team Dental we strive to make Dental Care as affordable as possible and we make getting WINZ quotes easy and painless. We’ll also soon be extending our 6 day service to 7 days

Come and visit

It’s hard to think of any downside for you with the all new Team Dental Whangarei. Everything’s now all in one place, all made easy, so you get the best experience.

So, that’s our news, what’s new with you? If you’re in Whangarei we’d love to see you down at the centre. Don’t put off coming to visit, preventing a problem is a lot easier than curing one.

Call us today on 09 438 4760 or pop in for a visit at 34 – 48 Reyburn st, Whangarei

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