Work as a Dentist with Team Dental

Work as a Dentist with Team Dental


As a recent graduate, or even an experienced dentist, it can be daunting looking for a great team with which to work.

Here at Team Dental we pride ourselves being more than good dentists. We are a team of great dentists. Not only do we excel at our profession, but we are also the friendliest dental practice in New Zealand. We focus on providing prompt attention with quality services at a reasonable price, removing any fear of being unable to afford much-needed dental care from our patients’ minds. Emergency dentistry in case of accident, seven days a week, for 364 days of the year, is all part of the service. Our COVID-19 protocols are an excellent example of the care we take of both our staff and our patients.

Sue Davies Dentist


Sue Davies, Dentist, Team Dental Greerton, says Team Dental is a great environment to work in. “I am very fortunate to be a part of such a good team. Patients notice and often comment about how comfortable they feel. Between all of the Dentists who are part of Team Dental, we are able to offer a wide range of Dental Treatments to people of all ages and walks of life, so referring patients ‘in house’ makes treatment more affordable as often expensive specialist referrals are not needed.”


A great place to work if you are an experienced dentist

No dentist works in isolation. The team you have around you is vital. Their assistance, more than anything else, will ensure your professional life is one which you will be proud of and which you will enjoy. Our professional and dedicated management teams are highly experienced. They are there to support you every step of the way. Within the expert, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of our clinics, as well as the excellent systems and procedures we have in place, Team Dental dentists can focus on providing their patients the quality of care for which we are known, confident that the clinical choices they make will be supported by the team.

Vanette Dentist at Team Dental


Vanette Jacobs, a dentist in our 16th Ave clinic in Tauranga said, “I enjoy coming to work and having all the admin and organization in place as the management team keeps everything flowing beautifully in a busy schedule. All the staff are treated with respect. The company has a good reputation with patients and is more affordable than most dental practices. When it comes to the equipment, it’s the most up to date there is, and it’s always in perfect working condition.” 


A great place to work if you are a recent graduate

As a recent graduate, with lots of theory under your belt, working in the ‘real world’ is a lot less disconcerting or frightening when you know you have strong clinical support on which you can rely and that you will be working with a great team in a professional, yet welcoming and encouraging atmosphere with plenty of clinical support. It’s the perfect atmosphere in which to be mentored by highly experienced dentists. At Team Dental, we are not only concerned about our patients’ dental health, but also with developing and nurturing the careers of every member of staff. There are a number of specialisations a dentist can choose to pursue, so there’s constantly room for personal growth and challenge and we believe in fostering that at Team Dental.

Team Dental Dentists enjoy social time togetherAt our Riccarton clinic, Kevin Chew, Dentist related why he has worked for Team Dental Riccarton for over 20 years. “It's a great place to work. I joined with only a year's experience as a dental house surgeon. The Team Dental management, who are very approachable, friendly and have a wealth of experience, were very supportive. The more senior dentists took me under their wings. Nowadays, I enjoy taking on the role of mentoring the newer graduates.”

Dental clinics across New Zealand

Team Dental has 10 dental clinics across New Zealand. We have 4 clinics in Tauranga, 3 in Christchurch, 1 in Rotorua, and 1, soon to be 2 in Whangarei. Are you a people person, with a healthy dose of empathy and who wants to make a real difference in the lives of others? You may be exactly the kind of dentist with whom we would love to work.

If Team Dental sounds like a place you’d like to both work and where you can create a great career, have a look at our Dental Vacancies page or just  Give Us a Call and let’s chat about your future. We’d love to hear from you.

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