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Not many Kiwis want high tech, expensive dentistry. Team Dental caters for the masses providing affordable, no “bells and whistles” dentistry. Not only do we operate Monday to Sunday, with short lead in appointment times, we also offer emergency dentistry in case of an accident. We have 7 dental clinics across New Zealand, with Dentists in Christchurch, Tauranga and Whangarei available for appointments 364 days a year.

Smile, you're in great hands

Our team keep dental treatments simple, offer good explanations and inform our patients of their options. We are competent, friendly, caring and have a genuine empathy... and we do it with pride and professionalism.

We are good down to earth people offering good down to earth dental services.

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Emergency Dental Care – The best options

Bad oral hygiene and accidental damage are the main causes of dental emergencies. Firstly, poor oral hygiene, such as not brushing...

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Did Dad look after his Porsche on Fathers Day?

Treat your teeth like you’d treat a Porsche 911  A neighbour recently bought a new car. Every Saturday, he’s outside washing,...

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More than money: Team Dental ready for Smile NZ free Dental Day 2019

Free Dental Care for Community Service Card Holders in Papamoa. It is not a secret that dental treatment can be expensive....

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Finding a Dentist

Finding a Dentist

Finding a dentist, one you trust and are comfortable with, is as important as finding a good doctor. At Team Dental we don’t have good dentists  

we have GREAT dentists.

Finding a Dentist

9 things to consider if you’re doing a comparison between Team Dental and other dentists

  • New Zealand Owned. We support local businesses and our profits are spent in NZ.
  • Office hours: Each Team Dental surgery has their own hours which are listed on the site. Three of our surgeries are open on both Saturday and Sunday and Public Holidays as well.
  • Easy access surgeries: Our surgeries are in Tauranga, Papamoa, Greerton, Papanui, Riccarton, Bealey Ave and Whangarei.
  • Dental emergencies: At Team Dental we pride ourselves in getting customers out of pain on the day they telephone. In the unusual event this is not achievable we will give you other options to help you get comfortable.
  • All fees and payment plan information available before treatment: No treatment is undertaken without your full understanding and agreement on what you will be in for, both medically and financially.
  • The policy on missed appointments: At least an hour’s notice is required if you can’t make an appointment. Customers that do fail appointments may not be assisted in the future.
  • Special health and financial conditions: We would need to know the specific conditions so that we can accommodate you the best way we can. Speaking of which…
  • Surgeries accessible to the disabled, including the treatment rooms: All of our surgeries are disabled friendly and we are constantly upgrading them to better accommodate the disabled.
  • Dental education and training: All our dentists, hygienists, technicians and nurses have proven internationally accepted degrees and diplomas. They are required to do continual training as well in order to stay abreast of the latest dental developments.

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