Taking action in our community: free essential dental care at Team Dental Bealey

Taking action in our community: free essential dental care at Team Dental Bealey

Free Dentist Appointments through Christchurch Budget Services.

Team Dental prides itself on providing affordable and accessible dental care. We recently opened up our Bealey dental practice, and now we have even more exciting news!

Team Dental Bealey is teaming up with Christchurch Budget Service to offer four free dental appointments per week.

Because the practice is new we have some down time so what better way to utilise this time than to give something back. We want to help people in our Christchurch community that need it the most. This requires real action and real services!


Team Dental Community Engagement

Team Dental’s vision focuses on care for typical New Zealanders. Unfortunately, we see more and more “everyday working people and their families” struggling to pay for basic dentist appointments. Finding an affordable dentist in Christchurch can sometimes hurt more than the dental care itself!

Often this is not your fault. And it is definitely not because you don’t want quality dentistry. Sometimes life just gets that way.

This is why we are working alongside the incredible team at Christchurch Budget Services to help some of the most vulnerable people in our community many of who are neither employed or unemployed and struggle to access support from NZ Employment Service due to irregular incomes and ambiguous work arrangements.

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Christchurch Budget Services: Financial literacy for all

Christchurch Budget Service (CBS) is an independent budgeting and debt management organisation based right here in the Garden City.

CBS works with people that need extra help managing their finances and debt. It is their mission to guide people through the sometimes-confusing world of money and budgeting.

David, the manager, knows that it is scary to ask for help. It is terrifying to let someone in on your money troubles. However, getting professional help with your budget can be the difference between affording things like dental care and continuing to put it off!

It is an honour for Team Dental Bealey to be collaborating with people who are making a genuine difference for people in Christchurch.


Who is eligible for our free dentist appointments?

These free dental consults are our way of giving back to the community.

They are our way of saying that we get how hard it can be to find a cheap dentist in Christchurch.

These emergency appointments are for people who are struggling financially and genuinely can’t imagine finding money for the dentist in their budget. We want to help people that have maybe slipped through the traditional system. Maybe NZ Work and Income is out of the question, or income is precarious at the moment, or debt is a problem.

Whatever your reason is, we want to make dental care available to you.



How to Access our Free Dentist Appointments

If you are interested in accessing this service, Christchurch Budget Service is ready to take your call. Get in contact with David and the team to talk about your individual situation in a

non-judgmental, no-obligation environment.


Christchurch Budget Service Contact Details:

Phone: 03 366 3422



What if I am not eligible?

Team Dental wants to make sure everybody gets the dental care they need. Visiting us regularly means that you spend less money on dentist appointments long term.

Not everybody will be eligible for these appointments, but we are still here to help!

As well as offering affordable dental payment plans with GenoaPay, Team Dental also provides WINZ treatments.


If you are unsure about which treatment plans you should apply for, feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly staff members. Click here for Team Dental Bealey’s contact details.


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