Root Canals and Crowns

Root Canals and Crowns

If you get a Root Canal Treatment you really need a Crown.

A crown is a wonderful option for many types of tooth issues. It’s the strongest dental restoration your dentist can give you. Crowns can be made from metal – like gold or porcelain ceramic or powdered glass and can be matched to the colour of your teeth. Crowns can be used for fractured teeth, replacing large fillings, to cover misshapen, or discoloured teeth. They are also used to cover a root canal.

Today we are talking about the relationship between crowns and root canals.  Most people forget that if they are having root canal treatment they will also need a crown.  This needs to be factored in when you are budgeting for your trip to the dentist.


What is a root canal?

A root canal is the cavity in the centre of a tooth in which the tooth’s nerve lies. ‘Root canal’ is also the term used to describe the repair and saving of a tooth which has become infected or is badly decayed. If teeth in this condition aren’t seen to quickly an abscess may form.

Because the tooth’s nerve lies in the root canal, saving the tooth is a complicated process.  It will take a number of trips to the dentist.  A series of x-rays are done to give a complete picture of the tooth and the damage.

Dental Crowns


There are six stages to a root canal and crown procedure.

  • Create an opening through the surface of the tooth down to the root.
  • Remove the damaged nerve or infected tissue known as pulp and drain any abscess that may have formed.  
  • Clean and enlarge the root canal so it can be filled. The root canal is very narrow and it can be difficult to fill.  Your dentist, once she has established how long the root is, will shape the canals using files with progressively increasing tapers.

    Between your appointments, powerful antibacterial medicaments are put inside the canal to kill any bacteria that is in the tooth.
  • Refilling the canals to seal the tooth and prevent reinfection; the temporary filling and medication is removed and is replaced by a resin rubber-based material, the same length and shape of the taper. Then the canal is sealed with dental cement.


  • If the tooth lacks sufficient structure for a filling, a post, either metal or a strong plastic is put in the canals inside the tooth to help retain it.
  • Rebuilding the tooth usually with a crown.


So why do I need a crown?

Crowns are important to prevent the tooth from fracturing : 90% of root treated teeth survive for 8-10 years .  A crown is the most important factor for improving your tooth’s survival rate.  It also serves as an extra barrier against any further bacterial infection.

If you need a root canal treatment or a crown, contact the professionals at Team Dental today. We have payment options available including Genoapay so that you can get that tooth fixed straight away.

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