Level 2. Back to the Dentist

Level 2. Back to the Dentist

Can I go to the dentist during New Zealand COVID-19 Alert Level 2?

YES! We can provide all of our usual services and treatments during Alert Level 2. This includes routine dental care and urgent or emergency dental care.

It’s been an interesting, and for some, tough time battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Many things had to be put on hold, or even cancelled altogether. One of those was non-emergency dental treatments. For some, it may have seemed as if lockdown was going to last forever. But all things pass, and New Zealand moved up to COVID-19 Alert Level 2 on Thursday 14th May 2020. Which means that all Team Dental Branches are now open for regular and emergency treatment.

My appointment was cancelled. What should I do now?

If, in the previous levels of COVID-19 alert, you had booked an appointment before the required lockdown came into play, it would, of necessity, have been cancelled. Now, with the Alert Level moving up to Level 2, you’ll be pleased to know that all is not lost. We have begun the process of rescheduling. We will try and call each patient to book a new appointment for them, but if you haven’t heard from us yet please call us. If you are in pain, or have a dental emergency, contact us immediately.

We’re still in COVID-19 Alert, what precautions will you be taking?

Even though we are now in Level 2, precautions still have to be taken. We all must still play our part to be vigilant and defeat this virus together. As a result, patient, and staff safety, remains imperative.,

Team Dental will be doing everything we can to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission — we all have a part to play in keeping each other safe. As a result, we continue to encourage patients to call us first to arrange an appointment. Our experienced staff will be able to gather more information about your situation and will ask you some important questions:

  • Are you currently COVID-positive?
  • Are you suspected to be COVID-positive?
  • Are you a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, or have been in isolation with a suspected case in the last 14 days?
  • Are you exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19? These include a cough, feverish temperature - at least 38°C, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing and runny nose, and or temporary loss of smell.
  • Have you travelled internationally in the last 14 days?
  • Are you an ‘at risk’ individual? Find out more details about Covid-19 at-risk people

Call for an appointment at Team Dental

We’d like to thank each member of our team, as well as all of our patients, for their understanding, support and cooperation.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and be kind. Continue to look after yourselves, your loved ones and those with whom you come into contact.

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