Electric Toothbrushes, better than Manual Toothbrushes?

Electric Toothbrushes, better than Manual Toothbrushes?


There are many questions when it comes to electric toothbrushes! Don’t despair, Team Dental has the answers.

The most important questions are should I use one, and are they better than a manual toothbrush? Power brushes – those that aren’t run on batteries, do all the work for you, and often have an inbuilt timer, so meeting the ‘brush for two minutes’ advice is easy. All you have to do is guide the brush along your teeth. For people with limited mobility, such as Parkinson’s, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, stroke sufferers or people with developmental disabilities, an electric toothbrush can be a life saver.

Electric ToothbrsuhesIsn’t an electric toothbrush nothing more than a marketing gimmick is a question that is often asked. No, they’re not. An intense 11-year study by the Oral Health Foundation, the longest study of its kind, showed that two of the most often-seen issues by dentists – plaque and gum disease are decreased significantly when an electric toothbrush is used correctly instead of a manual one. In fact, there was 22% less gum recession and 18% less tooth decay seen over the length of the study.[1]

Is there a right and a wrong way to use an electric toothbrush?

You are more likely to have cleaner teeth if you use an electric toothbrush. But not if you’re using it incorrectly. The first thing to remember with both manual and electric toothbrushes is – be gentle. You can have a toothbrush with the softest bristles, but if you scrub away at your teeth you will damage both the tooth enamel and your gums. A gentle brush of each tooth and brushing twice a day for two minutes is the oral health regime recommended by all dentists. And using an electric toothbrush is even better.

Fraying or broken bristles on any form of toothbrush means the brush is now useless as weapon against plague and gum disease. Replace the brush immediately. Many electric brush heads are colour coded. When the colour fades to white, it’s time for a new one. Always replace your toothbrush if you have been ill. Toothbrushes are a favoured hang-out for germs. 

So, how do I know which electric toothbrush to use?

Use Soft to Medium BristlesElectric toothbrushes are not all the same. Electric toothbrushes are generally more expensive than battery operated ones. Replaceable heads means less waste and expense as you won’t have to buy a whole new toothbrush every three months. And three months is when you should replace your toothbrush whether it a manual or an electric one. Does the brush fit comfortably in your hands, does the head fit easily in your mouth, are both important considerations. As it’s unhygienic to put the brush in your mouth in the shop to see if it fits, buy a small headed brush to start with. Always soft-bristled brushes, and don’t brush too hard and hurt your gums.

If you have any further questions about electric toothbrushes, or your dental health, Call Team Dental on 0508 832 633 today and make an appointment.

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