A regular check-up saves your teeth and your wallet!

A regular check-up saves your teeth and your wallet!

If you wanted to own a 2018 McLaren Ultimate Series Senna, you would probably have to save up for it.  The better you looked after it, the longer you would own it. The same applies to your teeth. At 1.7m the McLaren is probably the most expensive car in New Zealand. Luckily fixing your teeth won't cost as much!

Saving for your teeth is worth it

Your dental health should never be a ‘when we can afford it’ option. It should always be a ‘non-negotiable’ factored into your budget up front. The more regularly you have your teeth professionally cleaned and checked, the less that Hollywood smile will cost you in the long run. And everyone wants a great Hollywood-style smile, right? Gleaming white, perfect teeth, and breath permanently smelling minty fresh?

In most cases, dental care in New Zealand isn’t government subsidised, so the cost of keeping your teeth healthy comes out of your own pocket. Before you know it, you have an unexpected expense putting a huge dent in your savings, and the dentist and regular check-ups are forgotten. The busy lives we all lead, and the fact that dental appointments are six months apart, doesn’t help. As a result, time with the dentist is usually relegated to emergency visits. And they are often expensive. Not to mention painful. 

Start saving now, is the best plan.

Brushing and flossing are not enough

Twice daily brushing and flossing is vital for your dental health. Although both go a long way to keeping the plaque down, neither deal with it completely. A dental hygienist is the only one who can properly remove plaque.

Why is that important?

Brushing, flossing AND a professional dental cleaning together triumph over bacteria’s sticky waste product which coats your teeth after eating and drinking. If the thought of bacteria pooping on your teeth isn’t enough to make you brush your teeth immediately, consider this – bacteria poop is highly acidic and destroys your tooth enamel, causes cavities and gum disease, attacks the roots of your teeth and even breaks down your jaw.

Periodontal disease

Left unchecked, the result is swollen, red and tender gums leading to tooth loss, damaged gums, and a destroyed jawbone. An inflamed gum and bad breath are the first signs of periodontal disease - bacteria, and its poop, pushing its way through your soft tissue and into your blood stream. Recent, ongoing research suggests that periodontal disease may cause other often fatal diseases. It’s safe to say that what affects one part of your body will, in some way, affect your whole system.

Plan to visit the Dentist before you are forced to

Visiting your dentist, and your dental hygienist, at least twice a year, even if you don’t ‘need’ to, is much cheaper than emergency visits, and may prevent them altogether. If you had a McLaren Senna you’d ensure it had a regular service, wouldn’t you? Your dental health is far more important. So, open a savings account for dental fees and book an appointment with the dental hygienist and the dentist now! Begin as you mean to continue – with beautifully clean teeth!

Do you need treatment right now but can’t afford it?  Immediate dental care is available, with payment over 10 weekly instalments and no added interest or fees with GenoaPay .

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